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‘What crash?’ Your car may tattle on your (very) bad driving

‘What crash?’ Your car may tattle on your (very) bad driving

Originally published in 2015

The purity of the data

There is another layer to this use of technology gaining ground around the world.

“In the case where you use technology on site during an accident to assist prosecution later, there are certain protections the public needs to have in place for acquisition and attribution,” said Daniel Lance of Archer Security Group.

Lance said he was brought in to assist with a homicide investigation to retrieve video from an NVR (network video recorder).

“I recorded my methods for the exact retrieval process, and the minutes as I worked on the retrieval, and turned this, and the video collected, into the detectives directly,” he said.

“This did a few things,” he explained. “The public got my years of experience to guarantee the sanctity of the video, and it removed/limited the possible liability of my customer’s (the equipment owner’s) exposure in the legal proceedings with regard to the video.”

Lance said it is important to make sure the information collected through these kinds of technologies is accurate and original.

“Any time we use data to affect the outcome of peoples’ lives, we have to guarantee the absolute purity of it,” he said.

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Daniel Lance
Experienced cyber security professional with deep knowledge of applied electronics, program assessment, and analysis. Driven entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures.