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The hole in your phone is getting bigger

The hole in your phone is getting bigger

Originally published in 2015

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Not all bad

The latest Ponemon report paints a dark picture of app security.

But some cybersecurity experts say they do not think the situation is that bleak.

“I don’t believe there is a total lack of care when it comes to app security, and find it hard to believe that there is a lack of structure to the development of both secure and insecure apps,” said Daniel Lance with Archer Security Group.

The Ponemon report noted that its survey is based on people who responded, and may not capture the entire current picture of the state of app security.

Lance said there are problems, however, including developers who often reuse code from more than one game or app, and distribute vulnerabilities. The “old” code may not withstand updates in your operating system, he said.

“Code doesn’t expire, but its shelf life is limited by how it interacts with its environment,” said Lance. “Change your operating system, and things are bound to break here and there, leaving a high potential for vulnerabilities.”

“Smart phones have grown so fast that the standards for testing and reuse at most any developer are likely very low,” he said. “Negligence is less likely than ignorance in this case.”

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Daniel Lance
Experienced cyber security professional with deep knowledge of applied electronics, program assessment, and analysis. Driven entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures.