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Researcher finds “easy button” for attacking motors

Researcher finds “easy button” for attacking motors

Originally published in 2016

Quote from article

Do not push this button

Other cybersecurity experts say this unprotected “recipe” is a security problem.

“It’s a big red button saying, ‘Do not push this button. Here it is,’” said Monta Elkins with FoxGuard Solutions.

“He was answering the charge that you can’t attack these systems because they are too complicated and poorly documented,” said Elkins. But, he added, “The knowledge you need is included in the thing.”

“It demonstrated how ubiquitous it is, how easy it is,” said Daniel Lance with Archer Security Group. “He was just showing the rampant, widespread ability to do this.”

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Daniel Lance
Experienced cyber security professional with deep knowledge of applied electronics, program assessment, and analysis. Driven entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures.