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My Fellow Americans.

Originally published Jul 4, 2020

At the time of publishing there was great debate whether the salute to America was an extension of the Trump campaign for reelection. Opposition party members showed up during The Salute in an attempt to disrupt the service. This appear to answer the question whether people really thought this was a reelection rally or if the protesters were simply anti-American. Many small acts of vandalism were reported around this time against the statues and the park. And a National debate was launched against the statues, led by the New York Times. This dialogue pointed to a distain for the ceremony that often accompanies the office of the President of the United States. Original post is below.


Original post below

The salute to America.

We are not a nation at rest nor’ will-we-ever-be so long as our liberty is challenged. The president today will commence the salute to America and he should and all future presidents should as well. This is challenging to understand. American patriotism is challenging to understand. The office of the presidency is just a desk everything that was built around it was grafted on later. It’s incumbent upon us citizens of the United States to monitor and check those powers and privileges of our leadership. Every year in great Britain the Queen makes a Christmas address. It has a powerful impact on the people. The salute to America I have witnessed making a very similar impact outside of the United States. One year for the Fourth of July I was in a nine hour car ride in a country I’ll neglect naming here that is very tyrannical. One of the people in the car knew I was American and took a great interest in what this day represented for me. We talked about the salute. Someone ended up pulling it up on their phone. They were amazed. The following eight hours resulted in me reciting everything I can remember of American history. In someway I feel we all left that car ride tired but optimistic about what humanity can accomplish when working together. I’ve had the humbling experience now in 32 short years of being poor and disadvantaged and pulling myself up into prosperity. I have experienced the most humbling experience of becoming an immigrant and minority of another country voluntarily because I fell in love with the people. The Fourth of July celebrates the Institute of the United States and regardless of our individual struggles I can tell you personally there is no greater country than the United States. And furthermore all of the nations that have contributed to our dynamic place in the world should also be proud of their association. I view this as a day of celebration for all and the salute to America I have witnessed spreads this message.

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